Triathlon Nutrition 101


Improve your triathlon performance without paying for a full-time nutrition coach

You want to be better, faster, and stronger than last year

When you stand at that finish line, you feel immense pride and euphoria. You feel so damn proud of yourself for putting in the work and staying determined.

You like knowing that with hard work and determination you could get a new personal best and potentially podium in your age group next year.


And that motivates you to keep going to see how far you can go and how much better you can be. 


... but you are stuck. You are uncertain, confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed when it comes to nutrition for triathlon

Thoughts race through your head: 

  • "What am I doing wrong? I either feel awesome or exhausted after workouts"

  • "I know I need to eat more food, but I am afraid of gaining weight"

  • "I know I need more protein, but how do I do that without drinking protein shakes all day?"

  • "I’m always hungry and I want to eat everything! I struggle to limit my portions between workouts"

  • "Just the thought of cleaning up makes me not want to meal prep"

  • "Ugh, I always seem to gain weight when I train more"

Does this sound like you? If so, you are not alone.

"I signed up for Jessica's workshop because as a novice triathlete and overall active person, I haven't seen much change in performance or endurance. I knew I had to do more around diet as I had the exercise portion covered. The workshop was a great option for me, as a full-time student, I can't necessarily afford one on one diet help. 

I was able to see that I definitely was not eating enough. I was also able to get really great ideas on how to adjust my macros to meet my unique/complicated dietary restrictions. I think a lot of people, but especially women, struggle with the idea that we shouldn't eat too much. Jessica makes it super easy to figure out how much you need to be eating and of what.

Jessica's workshop is great for anyone who is interested in any kind of fitness but just doesn't know how to make their food work with them in that effort. I like what Jessica said about how you don't need to be a pro athlete to deserve athlete-level nutrition information and to eat like one. You just need to train with intention."

- Candace

You want to feel confident and competent about your nutrition so you feel and perform your best on race day

You want to know what to eat, how much, when, and why.


You want to know how to adjust your eating to reach your triathlon goals. 


You want to have a race where you no longer experience any nausea or stomach upset, where you feel energized throughout the race, and where you finish strong with your family and friends cheering for you.

"I really wanted to learn how to manage my own nutrition plan while preparing for my first full Ironman. I learned about my specific macro needs, how to adjust them based on my workload, and different ideas on how to fuel as a predominantly plant-based athlete."

- Doug


but many triathletes, like you, get hung up because

You lack the time:

Every single minute of your day is already accounted for. When do you squeeze in time to read through nutrition books, blog posts, and all the information available on the internet?

You want all that you need to know in one spot for easy reference.

You don't know what to do:

Nutrition is confusing and contradictory. What should you eat to reach your goals? How much? When? You don't have the mental energy to figure this out.

You want to know that you are eating enough of the right things to help you reach your goals.

You don't know how:

You struggle with intense cravings in the evenings, stomach upset during workouts, you are fearful of eating in case you gain weight, or you go in between always feeling hungry to struggling to eat enough food throughout the day.

You want to feel peace, freedom, and relief from your nutrition struggles.

I give you Triathlon Nutrition 101

​Triathlon Nutrition 101 is a live, online course that will help you

  • learn what to eat, when, how much, and why

  • create your own triathlon nutrition plan, 

  • adjust your plan to match your triathlon training, and

  • learn how to turn that plan into meals and snacks

  • reframe your mindset around food

so that you maximize your performance in training and on race day. 

You'll walk away with your own nutrition plan that you confidently and competently know how to adjust yourself! No more stress, overwhelm, and frustration of trying to figure it out on your own.

I share with you all my triathlon nutrition knowledge and I walk you through what I do with my own 1-to-1 clients. You will get the same information as my one-on-one clients, weekly email support, and access to a private group community for a fraction of the cost of working with my one-to-one!

TN101 is currently under a massive revamp to better support you! Please check back to see details about the course in early 2022 or sign up for the waitlist to receive all the details in your email.

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"Training for triathlon is absolutely nothing like just running. Most days I'm working out twice a day with different sports at different intensities. How I fueled for this has been a bit of a guessing game up until now. 

Last night was our second class in the series focused on what to eat around workouts. There is a lot to consider, especially for women, but I will say having the facts laid out is definitely starting to help me be so much smarter about my overall diet."

- Geena

The next course will start in Spring 2022.


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"I was confused about what to eat, as everyone told me different things. But you made my macro plan simple and easy to follow. I have more energy during training and I ran 1.5 minutes faster in my virtual 5km race!"

- Debbie

Is Triathlon Nutrition 101 for you?

Yes, if you

  • Are not seeing results with your current triathlon nutrition plan or have no plan

  • Don't want to waste any more of your precious time and energy trying to figure out what to eat and how much on your own

  • Are tired of giving up your favourite foods or feeling restricted with your food choices

  • Are having difficulty wrapping your head around eating more

  • Need someone to show you the steps and are comfortable implementing them yourself

  • Value education and knowledge, you truly enjoy knowing the why behind what to do


Basically, you just want an easy, simple nutrition plan to follow so you get faster and stronger in triathlon without having to figure out nutrition all on your own.


Am I right?

If so, I made Triathlon Nutrition 101 just for you

"I am eating more than before and I feel super energized! I sleep better, I feel like I have less inflammation, and I feel leaner. Overall, I am feeling really good!"

- Robin

The next course will run in Spring 2022. Get on the waitlist today to be the first to know when it is running.

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