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Triathlon Coaching


Have fun achieving your triathlon goals without burnout

You have big triathlon dreams

You have big dreams. Maybe it's completing your first triathlon. Or completing your first Ironman. Or getting on that podium. Or qualifying for Worlds.  

and you need help achieving them


Maybe you've tried training on your own. And you struggled. Maybe you don't like training alone, because it is well, lonely. And you want that connection with others who are just like you.

Or maybe you haven't tried training yet. Your goal is scary and you're not sure how to start.  

Or maybe you aren't having fun. Triathlon is supposed to be fun, and following a generic program is making it boring. 

Or maybe you've been injured before. And you want that second set of eyes on you to keep you from overtraining. 

Or maybe you're struggling with burnout. You've been training and not seeing results, despite how hard you have been working. So you increased your training even more and now are struggling to achieve a good training/life balance.


I get it, as a triathlete, I was just like you

I have been training for triathlons for 11+ years now. And I was all of those examples above. 


When I first started with triathlons, I didn't know where to start, so I joined a local club. That worked until I moved away and my new town didn't have a club.  

​So I started training on my own. And I struggled. I either wasn't consistent with my training or I was burning myself out. I wasn't having fun and I wasn't seeing results. I almost quit. 

But then, I hired a virtual triathlon coach. She connected me with others who were training virtually. She adjusted my training to support my busy life, but still keep a good training/life balance. She has helped me keep my training fun while making me faster. 

And I decided to become a triathlon coach, because of her. So I can help others, just like me. 

Let's have fun while achieving your big triathlon goals

As a triathlete, I get what you are currently feeling. 

As a coach, with an extensive exercise and nutrition background, I will help you feel your best and achieve your goals, while having fun. 

1:1 triathlon coaching includes:

  • Individualized triathlon training program  

    • I use Training Peaks to deliver your swim, bike, and run training to you and I use True Coach to deliver your strength training to you

      • Both are user-friendly apps that are free for you to download​

    • Everything we do together is based on YOU. Your nutrition, your goals, your training, and your LIFE.

  • Unlimited support

    • I'm only a text message or email away

    • And if I haven't heard from you, I'll check in once a week

Only $199 CAD per month

Plus, you can receive a 25% discount when you add on my course Triathlon Nutrition 101 or when you add on on 1:1 nutrition coaching


See what previous clients have said about working with Jessica in other 1:1 coaching programs

"I think one of the best things about Jessica's program is how responsive she is to your questions and that you have the freedom to send questions at anytime during your program with her. I know a lot of times as an athlete I come up with questions in the middle of the week or when at the grocery, and I don't always remember everything I want to ask during a scheduled phone call. So to be able to send a message at anytime and get a reply is awesome."

- Doug

I signed up for coaching with Jessica as I started preparing for longer races and felt I needed more support with the nutrition that would help me take on those challenges. I learned so much! Coaching calls and the resources Jessica shared with me were super helpful. It’s so much more personalized than what you can get from a book or general program.

- Violet

"My favourite part of working with Jessica was getting regular feedback on my food journals and having her explain things simply so I knew what to do to improve"

- Taylor

"I found the coaching great in so many ways. I could send a chat to Jessica any time, we had Zoom meetings every couple weeks, Jessica also touched base regularly on the journals to show that she was truly there for me, an actual all around great coaching experience. Her professionalism and knowledge is admirable and genuine!"

- Pam

Jess taught me that you can feel good about yourself without worrying about weight. That a journey to a healthy life isn't a race, and the best way to achieve your goals are to set a lifestyle that you can maintain. When I first started working with Jess, I was very down on myself. Jess is very skilled in positive reinforcement and worked hard to make sure my goals were reasonable and attainable. Her personable, knowledgeable and confident coaching style made making life changes a fun thing to do, rather than a punishment. The adjustments we have made to my eating routine will last a lifetime.

- Jessie

I was looking for help both in nutrition and in fitness. I was looking for someone to help me deal with extreme eating habits, a lack of fitness routine and big dreams. Jessica has taught me so much about what my body needs to fuel itself, and how to eat in such a way that I am satisfied so that my extreme eating behaviours do not happen. I had no idea what I was actually doing before working with Jessica, and through her gentle guidance and direction I am happier with my eating habits (being more at peace with food), and am way more active than I was before. I am excited to continue working with her and keep growing to achieve my dreams [in] Triathlon. 

- Kim

Are you ready to achieve your triathlon dreams?

All testimonials are voluntary from happy clients. 

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