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1:1 In-Person Swim Coaching

jessica williams-kathol

Improve your swim speed without feeling exhausted 

You have big triathlon dreams

You have big dreams. Maybe it's completing your first triathlon. Or completing your first Ironman. Or getting on that podium. Or qualifying for Worlds.  

and you need help with your swim

You want to improve your swim time so that it doesn't feel so exhausting.


You have tried some drills on your own, but you feel like 1) you don't move or 2) you are sinking. You are frustrated because no matter how hard you try, you seem to be getting slower or more exhausted in the water. 

You just want to feel confident, feel smoother, feel less exhausted, and have a faster pace in your swim. 

lane swimmers

"Lately, my swim pace has been 2:24/100m and today it was 2:09/100m with your advice! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

- Jenessa

Let's get you swimming faster
without feeling exhausted

As a high-level competitive swim coach and triathlon coach, with previous competitive swimming background, and 8+ years of coaching experience, I can help you get faster and smoother in the swim. 


I help identify where you can improve in your swim technique, where we can decrease drag, and where we can improve efficiency.  

1:1 in-person swim coaching includes feedback and drills to work on stroke improvement, which you can incorporate into your normal swim training. 

At this time, I am only offering sessions out of the Strathmore Aquatic Centre in Strathmore, AB. 

$100 CAD per 60-minute session

Cost includes the lane rental and coaching fees.

All testimonials are voluntary from happy clients. 

Results are not guaranteed.

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