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Strong for Triathlon

jessica williams-kathol

You want to be stronger and faster 
without compromising your triathlon training or having to figure out how to strength train on your own

Hard truth: you know you need to strength train as part of your triathlon training.

You've seen the pros - Lucy Charles-Barclay, Paula Findlay, Kristian Blummenfelt - all talk about how much strength training helped them. 

But you are stuck.

Where do you start? How do you schedule it with your triathlon training? What exercises should you do? How many reps and sets? Should you do only bodyweight or do you need dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells too? 

You search the internet for triathlon-specific strength training programs but most are PDFs of exercises that have no progressions, no variation, no adjustment for triathlon training, and no support.

jessica williams-kathol

You aren't sure what exercises to do or how to fit strength training into your busy schedule, but you want to get stronger, get faster, and more toned 

jessica williams-kathol
jessica williams-kathol

You want to know what exercises to do, what to focus on for sets, reps, and weight, and when to schedule it. 


You want to feel confident and competent in the gym or at home.


You want to strength train year-round to help get faster, get stronger, and build muscle.

but you are stuck because

You are afraid of harming your triathlon performance:

When you've tried to strength train in the past, you experienced so much muscle soreness it affected your next triathlon workout.

You want to learn how to balance strength training and triathlon training to optimize (not harm) your performance.

You lack the time:

Every single minute of your day is already accounted for. When do you squeeze in the time to strength train, let alone figure out how to strength train for triathlon?

You need a plan that you can follow and get the support you need to help you be consistent.

You don't know how:

You struggle to figure out how to balance it all without 1) burning yourself out or 2) getting injured by doing it wrong.

You don't need another generic PDF strength program. You need an actual person that you can talk to for support and guidance. You need someone to show you what to do, when and how to do it, so you can learn as you train. You need someone who understands how to strength train for triathlon.

Am I right? If so... 


I give you Strong For Triathlon

Strong for Triathlon is a triathlon-specific progressive strength training program created by Jessica, a fellow triathlete and strength coach, that will:

  • teach you what exercises to do, when to do them, and why

  • help you become consistent with your workouts, and

  • teach you how to adjust your strength training around your weekly and seasonal triathlon schedule 

so that you improve your triathlon performance and body composition without having to figure out how to strength train for triathlon on your own. 

Strong for Triathlon includes:

  • 2-3 workouts per week (gym and home versions available)

    • 30-60 minutes per session, including mobility

    • Each exercise has a video demo with a description linked to it

  • Seasonal, progressive programming 

    • Off-season focuses on body recomposition, building muscle and strength

    • Pre-season focuses on building speed and power and maintaining strength

    • Race-season focuses on maintenance and minimizing injury

  • Weekly check-ins and technique reviews

    • (You must upload a video of the exercise to True Coach for technique review)

  • Direct messaging access to me via True Coach 

    • For Q&A, motivation, support, and accountability 

jessica williams-kathol

$119 CAD/month as monthly automatic payments, you can pause or cancel at any time (no refunds)

"I've learned that I can lift more than I thought I could or should. I have more core strength than I thought. And that I can commit to strength training on my own. I will keep recommending you to all my friends who do any type of endurance sport."

- Lacey

"I've learned how important it is to video myself so I can see my form and make adjustments to prevent injuries. Also you don't need to spend a lot of time doing strength workouts to get gains. It only took about a month to notice a difference in how strong I felt during my swim/bike/run. This is exactly what I needed. Everything is clear and easy to follow, feedback is consistent, my questions are answered in a timely manner."

- Rhonnie

Strong for Triathlon is the only strength program that is triathlon-specific, shows you how to train over the entire year, with weekly personal support

I help you figure out when to strength train according to your triathlon training schedule and season

  • so you no longer have to guess when the ideal time to strength train is or how to change it when your schedule changes, and

  • so you never harm or compromise your key triathlon workouts 

I do all the programming for you so that you can just open the TrueCoach app and know that you are working towards your goals of getting stronger, faster, and perhaps leaner

  • without having to worry if you are doing the right exercises or the right amount of weight/resistance 

  • plus all of your warm-ups include mobility exercises to minimize risk of injury

All the workouts are programmed to take between 30-60 minutes, including warm-up and mobility

  • so that you don't have to worry about sacrificing your free time, as we triathletes are busy enough as is


You may even start to actually enjoy strength training as you see your strength, power, endurance, and speed increase over the next 12 months 

I found Jessica's coaching style to be gentle and encouraging. Jessica took the time to explain to me why she had put the exercises in a specific order, and the benefits for working the muscles from largest to smallest. She ensured I understood how to do each exercise properly.

I mentioned to Jessica that I would really appreciate knowing a way to do the same exercises with weights at home. Jessica not only told me variations, she worked through them with me to make sure I understand how to do them properly.

- Amber

"I really enjoy strength training much more than I realized. I am WAY stronger than I thought, and have loved seeing what I'm capable of"

- Shuntae

Recent Client Wins

Strong For Triathlon is best for those who

  • Are not seeing results with your current strength training program or have no program

  • Are afraid of harming your key triathlon workouts, so you don't know when to strength train or what exercises to do

  • Need a human behind your strength program for support (not another PDF) and you need someone who actually understands the triathlon training you do

  • Feel like you should be able to be accountable to yourself, but time and time again, you fail to be consistent with your strength training

Basically, you just want a simple strength program to follow so you get stronger, faster, and more toned without having to figure it out all on your own or worry about compromising your triathlon training.


Am I right?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I am not a triathlete?

    • That is okay! I am open to helping any athlete who wants to get stronger! I have worked with runners, swimmers, and hockey players to get them stronger for their sport. The same principles of Strong for Triathlon apply, but I will tailor it to your sport specifically. Just let me know when you sign up what sport you are in. 

  • What if I am are new to strength training?

    • Each exercise has a video demo and written cues to help you learn how to do each exercise ​

    • You get personalized technique feedback with each video you send of yourself doing the exercise

    • You have access to the video training on why each phase is programmed as is, so you can trust the exercises prescribed will help you become a faster and stronger triathlete

  • What if I have been strength training for years and am experienced in strength training?

    • These are exercises you have likely seen and done before, but now you will learn why each phase is programmed as is, so you can learn as you train to become a faster and stronger triathlete

  • What if I am not sure if I can commit to 2-3 sessions per week?

    • Overall, I expect 80% consistency in order for you to see results (improved power, strength, endurance, and body composition) 

    • The first two sessions of the week are full body and the third session is only upper body, so if you were to miss a session, the third session would be the one to miss​

    • But, the first 4 weeks (Introduction Phase) of Strong for Triathlon is meant to be the period of time to work on learning how to be consistent with strength training. The workload in this phase is light to help you learn when to strength train and build your habit of strength training consistently so you are ready to go when the next phase starts.  

  • What equipment do I need access to?

    • Ideally, you want access to the following: 

      • Squat rack, Barbells, Dumbbells, Pull up bar or machine, Cable machine, Seated row cable machine, Lat pull down cable machine, Medicine ball, Resistance bands, Exercise stability ball,  

    • But all the exercises can be tailored to the equipment you have access to 

  • What if I am concerned about the financial investment?

    • You are not going to find another strength training program like Strong for Triathlon, as it is the only strength training program that:

      • Has triathlon-specific programming with expert support ​​​​​

        • Most triathlon strength programs are PDFs or downloadable to your Training Peaks and do not include weekly support or a technique review 

        • Many triathlon coaches do not have a strength training background and may not know how to support you with your strength training (technique, modifications, or progression)

        • Most strength coaches/personal trainers will only offer technique review for their one-on-one clients (higher cost per month) and may not know how to program around your triathlon training

      • Is programmed for the whole year (12 months)

        • Most strength programs are 8-12 weeks long and do not show you how to progress throughout your year or how to progress the exercises 

      • Has training videos explaining why it is programmed the way it is 

        • Most do not show you the "behind the scenes" and so I want you to learn as you train

    • For all the knowledge and support you get, plus having the workouts programmed for you, most strength coaches or personal trainers would charge you $200 or more / month. ​​

  • What if I don't like the programming or I don't want to continue with Strong for Triathlon anymore?​

    • You can cancel at any time (no refunds) by sending Jessica an email. You will be removed from the program within 24 hours of your request. 

  • What if I get injured?​

    • Send Jessica an email as modifications can be made to the exercises and more mobility can be added in; otherwise, you can pause if needed  ​

    • There is an inherent risk to strength training and you should always check with your doctor prior to starting a new exercise program, see Terms and Conditions.

  • When do I get access to the program?

    • Within 48 hours of payment, you will get an email on how to access True Coach where your strength program will be waiting.​

  • When does the automatic payment occur?

    • On the day of the month that you signed up, for example, if you signed up on October 18th, the next payment will come out on November 18th. ​

  • Do you have other questions?

    • Contact Jessica and ask away, I want you to be informed and know if Strong for Triathlon​ is right for you


All testimonials are voluntary from happy clients. 

Results are not guaranteed.

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