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1-on-1 Sports Nutrition Coaching


Learn how to fuel your body so that you feel and perform your best 

You want to feel energized and strong at the end of a race

You have big dreams. Maybe it's completing your first triathlon. Or completing your first Ironman. Or finally getting on that podium. Or qualifying for Worlds.  


You're putting in the work, showing up to train hours every week. But nutritionally, you're struggling.

You are experiencing

  • stomach cramps

  • muscle cramps

  • nausea

  • vomiting

  • diarrhea 

  • lightheadedness

  • dizziness

  • extreme cravings

  • feeling like you are out of control around food

  • fatigue, or

  • exhaustion after workouts

If so, you are not alone.


I get it. I was once where you are now.

This is me at the end of my very first ITU World Championships in 2014. 

I remember feeling so nauseous coming out of the swim and walking into T1. I remember looking at my watch and feeling disappointment that it took me longer than I thought. 

The bike was okay, but during the run I felt so sluggish. I struggled to take in my gels as my stomach was rejecting them. I had to walk more than I wanted to.


I felt so disappointed after I finished that I couldn't showcase my fitness. It was a rollercoaster of emotions because, of course, I was happy to be there and represent Team Canada, but at the same time I felt embarrassed of my performance. 

And this is me in 2021. 

Finishing a race (in the wind and rain!!) feeling fast, energized, and strong.


Never having one stomach issue.


Giving it my all right until the end. 

And feeling proud as I finished 4th overall. 

So what changed for me between 2014 and 2021?

I decided to become a registered dietitian. And so I learned all the things to know about nutrition and the human body - including sports nutrition. More than my triathlon coach or my teammates ever taught me before.

And I applied that new, in-depth knowledge to myself. 

I started eating more, especially on my high volume days. I went from 3 meals a day to 3 meals plus 3 snacks per day. In hindsight, I was not eating enough for my training. 

I allowed myself to eat fun foods, every day, to reduce my cravings and feel in control again. 

And I started to change up what I ate before, during, and after practice. I practiced eating different things (gels, chews, gummies, real food) at race pace. And based on how I felt, I made adjustments. 


I paid attention to my sweat rate, and track it in different environments. I wore a sweat analyzer to see how much sodium I lost on average per hour. And I took that data and made adjustments to my hydration.

And this trial-and-error turned my whole triathlon career around. I had more energy during the day. I slept better. I felt stronger. I was able to hold faster paces during training. I felt awesome during my races. And I started seeing personal bests and podium finishes. 

Only once I learned what to eat, when, how much, and why, did I start to see faster results from my training.


Only once I dropped all my restrictive food rules, did I start to feel in control again.


I'm now the fastest and strongest I have ever been. 

And I want that for you too!

Let's get you feeling and performing your best

As a fellow triathlete, I get what you are feeling. 

As a dietitian, I can show you how to use nutrition to get you feeling and performing your best again. 

1:1 coaching includes 4 months of:

  • Unlimited support

    • I'm only a text message away

    • And if I haven't heard from you, I check in at least once a week 

  • Individualized nutrition advice and feedback over 8 zoom calls 

    • Everything we do together is based on YOU. Your nutrition, your goals, your training, and your LIFE. 

  • Meal planning to help you ensure you are eating enough for your training

  • Complimentary access to my Triathlon Nutrition 101 course

  • Plus a 25% discount if you pair this with 1:1 triathlon coaching 


I'm in your corner and here to help you feel and perform your best again.

Note, you do not have to be a triathlete for this service, I have helped runners, cyclists, swimmers, and weekend-warriors how to fuel to feel their best.

Because of the high level of accountability, in-depth coaching process, and nutrition-detective work in my one-on-one coaching, I limit the number of clients I take at one time to ensure each client gets my full attention. 

I also require a minimum of a 4-month commitment to fully get to the bottom of all of your current nutrition issues. This is to give me time for assessment and investigation on my end, give you time on your end to implement, and gives us both time to adjust as needed.

Once you apply, we will chat on a free a discovery call to see if we are a good match for each other before we do anything else. 

healthy food smile.jpeg

4 payments of $499 

1 payment of $1497 (save 25%)

See what previous clients have said

I signed up for coaching for a better understanding of how to periodize my nutrition to supplement where I’m at in my training. Also how best to fuel long rides and runs. I really struggled with nausea and vomiting during previous Ironman races. I finally have my nutrition dialed in, in my 70.3, I had a fast swim and my bike was great despite the hills"

- Katie

"I really wanted to learn how to manage my own nutrition plan while preparing for my first full Ironman. I learned about my specific macro needs, how to adjust them based on my workload, and different ideas on how to fuel as a predominantly plant-based athlete.


I think one of the best things about Jessica's program is how responsive she is to your questions and that you have the freedom to send questions at anytime during your program with her. I know a lot of times as an athlete I come up with questions in the middle of the week or when at the grocery, and I don't always remember everything I want to ask during a scheduled phone call. So to be able to send a message at anytime and get a reply is awesome."

- Doug

I signed up for coaching with Jessica as I started preparing for longer races and felt I needed more support with the nutrition that would help me take on those challenges. I learned so much! Coaching calls and the resources Jessica shared with me were super helpful. I feel more knowledgeable about macros, proper fueling and how to find balance in my eating patterns. I would recommend one-on-one coaching for any athlete who wants to learn more about themselves and what nutrition is right for them. It’s so much more personalized than what you can get from a book or general program.

- Violet

"I was confused about what to eat, as everyone told me different things. But you made my macro plan simple and easy to follow. I have more energy during training, I've lost 2" off my waist, and I ran 1.5 minutes faster in my virtual 5km race!"

- Debbie

"My favourite part of working with Jessica was getting regular feedback on my food journals and having her explain things simply so I knew what to do to improve"

- Taylor

"I am eating more than before and I feel super energized! I sleep better, I feel like I have less inflammation, and I feel leaner. Overall, I am feeling really good!"

- Robin

"I found the coaching great in so many ways. I could send a  chat to Jessica any time, we had Zoom meetings every couple weeks, Jessica also touched base regularly on the journals to show that she was truly there for me, an actual all around great coaching experience. Jessica gave me a huge awareness of so many things that can contribute to weight gain and loss, plus the mental acceptance of it. Her professionalism and knowledge is admirable and genuine!"

- Pam

Jess taught me that you can feel good about yourself without worrying about weight. That a journey to a healthy life isn't a race, and the best way to achieve your goals are to set a lifestyle that you can maintain. When I first started working with Jess, I was very down on myself. Jess is very skilled in positive reinforcement and worked hard to make sure my goals were reasonable and attainable. My mindset on what eating healthy means has changed since meeting Jess. Her personable, knowledgeable and confident coaching style made making life changes a fun thing to do, rather than a punishment. The adjustments we have made to my eating routine will last a lifetime.

- Jessie

I was looking for help both in nutrition and in fitness. I was looking for someone to help me deal with extreme eating habits, a lack of fitness routine and big dreams. Jessica has taught me so much about what my body needs to fuel itself, and how to eat in such a way that I am satisfied so that my extreme eating behaviours do not happen. I had no idea what I was actually doing before working with Jessica, and through her gentle guidance and direction I am happier with my eating habits (being more at peace with food), and am way more active than I was before. I am excited to continue working with her and keep growing to achieve my dreams [in] Triathlon. 

- Kim

Are you ready to feel and perform your best?

All testimonials are voluntary from happy clients. 

Results are not guaranteed.

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