Race-Day-Ready Nutrition Consult

Get a personalized nutrition race day plan for your next triathlon
without the cost of a 1-on-1 coach

Don’t have a coach or time to read another nutrition book, but need personalized nutrition advice for your upcoming race?


Want to ensure that your race-day nutrition plan will not only keep you healthy and out of the medical tent, but help you get to the finish line feeling strong in the time you are expecting?


Get your race day questions answered and your personalized race day nutrition plan created by a registered dietitian and triathlon nutritionist so that you avoid stomach distress and finish your race feeling strong!

The Race-Day Triathlon Nutrition Consult is only $79 CAD and includes a 30-minute zoom call with a full review of your race-day nutrition plan with recommendations based on your expected pace, to ensure that you know what to eat, when, and how much before, during, and after your race.


Prior to your call, fill out the Race Day Nutrition Plan Questionnaire with details about your race, including the date, location, distance of each leg, and pace expectations. Be sure to list all the food, beverages, and electrolytes you are planning on taking with their brand names. Include the timing you are planning for each leg, including before the race and after. Plus, list any concerns or questions you have about your nutrition plan for your triathlon race.

After purchase, you will receive an automated receipt from Stripe.

You will also receive an email from me with the questionnaire and booking link within 24 hours. Please check your junk folder as sometimes my first email goes to spam. If you have not received an email from me within 48h, please contact me here.