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Energized Triathlete

Let's get you feeling strong and energized after your workouts and eliminate those I-want-to-eat-everything-in-sight cravings for good

If you are currently experiencing:

  • Excessive fatigue regardless of how you sleep

  • Frequent injuries or illnesses

  • Unintentional weight fluctuations

  • Difficulty concentrating through the day 

  •  Feeling constantly hungry 

  • Having out of control food cravings where you want to eat everything in sight 

  • Feeling cold all the time 

  • Bloating, stomach upset, or other GI issues 

And you want to be feeling: 

  • In control of your eating again with zero intense food cravings

  • Strong and energized at the end of your workouts so you can carry on with your day

Then Energized Triathlete is for you!

Energized Triathlete is a small-group nutrition coaching program going over how to use nutrition to feel strong and energized after your workouts and eliminate those intense, out-of-control cravings you feel.  

It includes four weeks of live zoom calls and you get access to the recordings for life. 

Limited to 5 spots per group so that you can meet and support others who feel exactly the way you do

Only $199 CAD and we start on Nov 5th, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Energized Triathlete different than 1-on-1 nutrition coaching? 

Energized Triathlete is a one-month, small-group nutrition coaching program for those who want to feel less fatigue, less cravings, and more energy. 1-on-1 nutrition coaching dives deeper into your habits, lifestyle, and nutrition issues. 1-on-1 coaching is needed for those who want individualized support (not a group), are experiencing stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, or follow a specialized diet. If you are experiencing any of those listed or have another nutritional issue, you may need more support and feedback. Read more about 1-on-1 coaching here. ​

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds unless you cancel 24 hours BEFORE the first call on Nov 6, 2022. There are limited spots available and you are reserving your spot with your payment. Once the group calls start, there are no refunds as you get immediate access to each call once they are completed. 

I have another question that was not answered here

Contact Jessica to ask your questions. I want you to be informed as much as possible to know if Energized Triathlete is right for you. 

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