✔️Feel energized during and after your workouts

  • Instead of feeling so exhausted you can't get off the couch, finish your workouts with the energy you need to continue on with your day and do what you need to do.


✔️Get stronger and faster 

  • Feel powerful and strong as you cruise up those hills during your races and still earn a new PR (personal record) despite the tough course. 


✔️Feel and perform your best on race day

  • Figure out the causes of your nausea, stomach upset, cramping, and more so that you know how to avoid it and how to manage it if it does occur on race day. 

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Hello, I'm Jessica, a Registered Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist, Professional Kinesiologist, CSEP-Clinical Exercise Physiologist, CSEP-High Performance Specialist, and triathlete.

I was just like you once. When I first started triathlons in 2011, I struggled with fatigue, nausea, upset stomach, and cramping for years. I couldn't hit new personal records, despite how much I trained. And I struggled to figure out my strength training. I knew the benefits, but my legs would be too sore to complete my triathlon workouts. Read more of my story here.

And now I help triathletes, just like you, feel and perform their best on race day. 


I teach you what to eat, when, and how much, how to reduce your stomach issues, and how to strength train for triathlon year-round so that you get faster, you get stronger, and you feel your best on race day. 

Here is how we can work together:

Strong for Triathlon

For the triathlete who wants to increase power, strength, endurance, and speed to  be able to cruise up those hills and get new personal bests.


I show you what to do and when to do it so you can just open the app and go. 

Triathlon Nutrition 101

This self-paced course with live Q&A calls is for the triathlete who wants to know what to eat, when, and how much so that you feel energized during training and start hitting new personal bests on race day. 

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

 If you are experiencing any stomach upset, excessive fatigue, nausea, or require a specialized diet, then 1:1 coaching is for you.


1:1 coaching includes the most individualized advice, support, feedback, and accountability available. I'm in your corner and here to help you feel and perform your best again.

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